Luxury scents that journey beyond the ordinaryABOUT AAWED

An Australian-owned perfume house specialising in luxury olfactory experiences, AAWED crafts perfumes that transcend the everyday, curating unparalleled sensory journeys for arbiters of taste.

Born amidst Melbourne’s botanical gardens, AAWED fragrances connect the art of perfumery with emotional narratives that invite you to reconnect with the pivotal moments that define your essence.

AAWED is a name imbued with profound significance and cultural richness. “AAWED” in Arabic) translates to “Come Back,” a concept that deeply resonates with our عاود( philosophy—a belief in the power of fragrance to take us back, to awaken dormant memories and stir the soul.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the scents we create. Each fragrance in our collection is masterfully formulated to evoke emotional narratives, bringing forth a tapestry of moments, places, and memories with every application.

Indulge in the beauty of nostalgia and the power of scent with AAWED as your guide. Memories come alive, and every fragrance is designed to transport you back to the defining moments of your essence.

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Rediscover the world through AAWED fragrancesAAWED’s Story

Walking through the bush surrounding Lorne, there are views of lush ridges ahead, a vast ocean to the left, and trees all around. The crisp, salty breeze carries hints of seaweed and brine. Eucalyptus, wildflowers, and coastal grasses mingle with the salty air, creating the subtle fragrance of coastal vegetation. Moving inland, the scent transforms into a rich medley of earthy aromas as the dense forests of the Otway Ranges release hints of damp earth, aromatic wood, and native flora.

Years later, in the heart of Melbourne’s lush botanical gardens, amidst the vibrant tapestry of nature’s aromas and under the vast Australian sky, these scent notes come back—the vetiver of the foliage, the fresh and airy notes in the breeze. Closing my eyes, I’m reminded of Lorne.

In these gardens, a passion was sparked—for memories, for nostalgia, for fragrance.

These gardens weren’t just scenery; they called back memories etched into the soul. Scents became emotions, igniting a quest to bottle transcendent experiences.

The concept of AAWED began to flourish. A vision to resurrect dormant memories and emotions through the exquisite power of fragrance. A call to revisit, rediscover, and rekindle precious feelings with every evocative spritz of perfume.

AAWED originated amidst the vivid landscapes of Melbourne, evolving as a heartfelt homage to the memories and places that define us. Born from a profound sense of longing and nostalgia, it serves as a vessel to transport wearers through time and space.

Experience the luxury of nostalgia with AAWED perfumes. Each fragrance serves as a unique refrain from a remarkable place and a memorable time, inviting you to relive them through the transformative power of scent.